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Winn Correctional Center Winn Correctional Center
560 Gum Springs Rd.
Winnfield, Louisiana 71483
Parish/County: Winn Parish
T: 318-628-3971
F: 318-628-4683

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2017 LaSalle PREA Statistics for Facility Units

2.11 Sexual Abuse and Assault Prevention and Intervention


All visitors and detainees must adhere to visitation rules, regulations, and guidelines. Any person entering the facility is subject to personal and/or vehicular search at the discretion of the Shift Supervisor. It is the responsibility of the detainee to notify visitors of these rules prior to any visitation.


      1. Adult visitors (18 years of age or older) must have a picture ID and must be on the detainee’s approved visitation list.                                                                                 
      2. Only three (3) adults per visit, and four (4) children (15 years or younger) are allowed: space providing. The visiting adult shall be responsible for the supervision and control of all children under the age of 15.                                   
      3. Visitor possessions are limited to a valid picture ID, $20.00 cash and keys to their vehicle. Visitors with infants are authorized 1 bottle, 1 diaper, and 1 small blanket.
      4. The Winn Correctional Facility does not provide transportation for detainee visitors.


Visitor Dress Code:  The following items of clothing are not acceptable while in the visitation area: Shorts, regardless of length, halter tops, tube tops, and sleeveless tops. The Warden or his/her designee will have the final decision on questionable visitor attire. You should advise your visitors of the dress requirements to preclude them from being denied visitation privileges.   


Visitation may be denied or terminated under the following circumstances:

  1. The visitor(s) appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  2. The visitor fails to produce sufficient identification or falsifies the identifying information.
  3. Reasonable suspicion exists that the visitor may endanger the security and order of the facility.
  4. The visitor refuses to submit to a scanning or pat search.
  5. The visitor is in violation of facility rules or regulations.
  6. Insufficient space.
  7. Unforeseen emergencies within the facility.
  8. The visitor attempts to bring any item that is considered a security threat onto the facility grounds.

Inappropriate contact or conduct by either a detainee or visitor is prohibited and may be cause for termination of the visit.

Capacity: 1,576
Security Level: Min-Max
IGA Partner: Winn Parish Law Enforcement District
Warden: Keith Deville
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